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The Arrow Way

We do things differently. We really want people to be their best. We create a totally enjoyable training experience that lets you grab the skills and qualifications needed to succeed. We’ve got a great reputation for delivering innovative training solutions, because we’ve been helping people be their best since 1998. Learning with us promises to be an experience you won’t forget. One you’ll want to do again and again. From classroom to fieldwork, from textbook to life-grabs, from online to YouTube, you’ll have the time of your life.

For individuals, we make it happen. We understand what you need. We know that for learning to stick with you, it’s got to be engaging. We also believe it should be fun. Everyone has different needs, levels of ability and reasons for up-skilling. By increasing your workplace skills and knowledge, you’ll be racing along the ‘pathway’ of professional development. That’s why we are results focused too, and deliver the highest training standards with a real passion for your success. A passion to give people real skills for real success in the real world.

For employers, we make it happen. We’ve got the right training solutions for you. You’ll get better business outcomes and your people will get improved career pathways. Our training really connects and delivers the skills needed. By implementing some formal training and development programs, you can gain increases in productivity, team performance, morale and resource efficiency. This delivers increased employee and customer satisfaction, greater market competitiveness and positively enhances your return on the training investment.

On courses, we make it happen. Our ‘hands-on and on-the-job’ approaches are right for today. Flexible training that’s memorably good to do and results in nationally recognised qualifications. We also take into account existing skills, in-house training programs and prior experience, to reduce training time. Through a range of education, training, workshops and short courses you’ll learn how to make better business decisions, giving your organisation greater competitive advantage and making you even more employable.

Across Australia, we make it happen. Arrow Training Services is a division of Century Group Pty Ltd, one of the nation’s largest privately owned training companies. We know the training market is in constant change and we face the skills challenges differently in each State. We capture this understanding to apply innovation and flexibility to the practical needs of people and of industry. We leverage standard operating procedures to make training relevant and instantly applicable on-the-job. We are ideally placed to meet your training needs.